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Vídeo de Montejurra 1974

(6 May 1974) Supporters of the Spanish monarchy, the Carlists, named after Prince Carlos, hold a rally in Montejurra, Spain, wearing their distinctive red berets


Vídeo de los funerales posteriores a Montejurra 76

(11 May 1976) Large crowd at funeral of youth killed in Carlist demonstration
lead in: over four thousand people marched in silence through the streets of estella, near madrid, on monday (may 10th) to mark the death of a youth killed during a carlist demonstration, the day before.

Vídeo de Montejurra 1976

(9 May 1976) Church tower and marchers gathering for Pro-Carlist annual march. The marchers walked up Montejurra mountain. Rival factions of monarchists clashed leaving one young man dead and at least four others injured when they were caught in a burst of sub-machinegun fire.